Tag: people


  • Stanley

    Lives in the town of [[Tahoe | Tahoe]] where he makes a good profit renting houses along the outskirts of the city and has been known to give out substantial loans.

  • Sinbad

    In a way, Sinbad was Charles' mentor. He is monk of a monastery in the town of [[Enac | Enac]]. he skills as a monk were quite poor, often causing much destruction to the monastery as he preformed the dark rituals practiced there. But despite his failings …

  • Hidan

    Hidan is s captain of the guard in Eldan. He is known for his brutal fighting style and took sympathy when he saw the bugbear Girr turned away by his military. Some of his men made fun of him for being soft, but he stuck to training Girr and found Girr a …

  • Ryze

    Brother of the foster father of [[:yami | Yami]]. Upon the death of his brother he gave his adopted son some money to start his journey hoping that he might have a better life elsewhere.

  • Iav

    Iav is merchant in the city of [[Yuwor | Yuwor]], selling giant vases. he recently hired a tough looking deliver boy named [[:girr-haute | Girr Haute]]. He constantly talks about how wonderful it is to make the vases and really seems to love his job.

  • Ran'kela

    Wise elf sage of Cutan. He knows the most about the dying lands, because he was the original researcher assigned to solve this problem. But he has gone a little senile.

  • Jared

    Brother of Charles. Favorite child of the family who used what littel (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) wealth they had to start a pawn shop in Ormthon.