The Sins of the Father

Prologue (Before the game begins)

Prologue- You all have been working in your respective occupations for several years. One day, for one reason or another, you take a ship near the South cape of Agrea, also known as the ship graveyard. Many ships were destroyed due to the rough weather there; however, in recent years many have traveled it safely due to the storms’ predictable nature. For one week the pattern changed. Ten ships fell victim before all the countries decided to ban travel through that area, but you were all on one of those ships and you were all the only survivors of the wrecks. You don’t remember a thing after your ship sailed into an unusual large storm. You were awoken by a passing fisherman on the shore of a very blue lake. It has been ten years since then, and after waking up on the shore of Sapphire Lake you all felt the need to prepare yourself for a grand adventure, so you trained. Now it is time to bear the fruits of your labor, so you set out but where do you choose to go?

The Blue Moon (Dream?)

-All party members go to sleep
-Wake up on blue moon
-Girr Haute makes short person jokes
-Xylephous “Wheezer” Malkut tries to stab Girr
-Party members small talk… semi-pointless
-Gardain and Girr seem to becoming friends…(or not?)
-Large church appears
-Signs depicting deities party members worship on church
-Gardain opens the front left door
-5(6?) statues of deities in the church
-Girr seems bored
-Gardain leads party into main chambers
-Girr runs toward statue of axe and cries
-Tiny Hands appear (Most of party doesnt see)
-Undead Hand x 12
-VICTORY!!! +100 EXP
-No Items found…
-Most of party enters side room seeking caretaker
-Time wasted on opening/Breaking a cheest full of worthless nicknacks
-Search for caretaker leads party to second floor
-Wheezer kills a dust bunnie with fire
-On second floor, Wheezer burns a tapestry; Monk seen behind, appears to have a cold
-Monk introduces himself as Lorche Guide of the Blue Moon
-Small talk, Lorche caught Blue Moon cold (irrelevant?)
-Lorche summoned us, we seem to have arrived early
-We must “…Help us help your world…” (Lorche unaware we are sleeping)
-Lorche aware this is a dream
-Dream does not alter reality
-Party must now go to the moon in the real world
-Disconnecting our minds so this doesnt happen again

To Enter The Dying Lands, Burn The Forest Of Life

-Sin traveling with mercenary band on a collection call to Gardain’s home in Tahoe
-Bator enters and attempts to collect money from Gardain
-Gardain activated his trap card and his home collapses on the mercenaries (Sin is still outside)
-Sin continues the hunt
-Small talk… Gardain attempts to escape
-Gardain is running; Sin follows at a walking pace
-Gardain can’t escape…..
-Sin and Gardain continue traveling together (Sin uninterested in combat; Gardain refuses to give up money) travel to Yuwor
-Wheezer meets Charles in Shytan; Take a boat to Yuwor
-Sin and Gardain meet Girr; Gardain and Girr are good friends and enter tavern for drinks
-Wheezer and Charles enter a magic shop; Wheezer wants to buy Black Materia, but does not have enough money; They leave and enter the next door tavern(convenient)
-Wheezer attempts to sneak and stab Girr
-Great big reunion before group decided to travel to Dying lands
-No major events on the way
-On entering the dying lands, party feels something pulling them further in
-Party feels their souls being pulled out (-1 healing surge)
-Skeleton x4
-Skeleton w/ armor x2
-Skeleton Archer x1
-VICTORY!!! +500xp (Half to non-present characters)
-Items found: Bone Dust, Chainmailx2, long swordx6, light shieldx2, Heavy Shieldx4, Short Bowx4, arrowsx110
-Party rests at random building they pass by
-Not even 2 hours later,
-skeleton archerx3
-fleshy skeletonx2
-skeleton w/armorx2
-skin kitesx3 (has a mouth)
-We are going to die….
-Mysterious person appears… Its Hidan
-VICTORY!!! +700xp (Half for non-present characters)
-Items Found: leather armorx3, longbowx3, short swordx3, arrowsx60, chainmailx2, long swordx2, light shieldx2
-Party travels to Cutan
-REWIND TIME.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.
-Yami travels to Tahoe, catches a rabbit on the way
-Encounters a beggar outside Gardain’s home
-Gives rabbits foot to beggar, encounters Bator
-Begins following Bator to Yuwor
-Find evidence that Gardain went to dying lands
-Travel to Cutan in an attempt to catch up
-Everyone meets up and seeks more information about the dying lands
-Told to ask Ran’kela for more information
-In order to pass safely through the dying lands, one needs crystallized dew from the tree of life on edge of dying lands
-Gardain runs out first; is quite lost
-Wheezer, Charles and Girr travel with a map
-Yami is waiting for a fish
-No fish comes; now all party members are traveling to the tree of life (in smaller groups)
-Upon entering the forest where the tree of life is…
-Forest Spidersx4
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx3
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx4
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx8 Giant Spiderx3
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx5 Giant Spiderx1
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx6
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx2 Giant Spiderx1
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx2 Giant Spiderx1
-Large Spider appears
-Reinforcements: Forest Spiderx3
-Wheezer attempts to burn Large Spider; Forest begins to burn
-Gargantuan Spider appears
-VICTORY!!! +1000xp (400 for non-present characters)
-No loot gained
-End Of Tree Of Life Arc

Dew of Life

Upon examining the game I rewarded
Gardain 620XP, Wheezer 210XP, Sin 90XP, Girr 320XP, Yami 150XP for good role-playing.

John when you post the adventure log just add it to this post.

The Return to the Dying Lands

-With Dew of Life in hand, party heads to the Dying Lands
-Encounter Bator; party makes attempts to kill Bator
-Gardain wants to remove his debt
-Party will go meet with Desim in Arpol
-Party plans to head into Dying Lands
-Plans change, party heading to Arpol
-Meet Erevan; Party decides to return to Dying Lands
-Gir and Wheezer attempt to kill Bator
-Bator seems quite dead
-Party uber loots dead bator
-Finds a flower of babel (You eat a petal upon consumption, you gain the ability to understand any spoken language for a day.)
-Sin knows side effect: if eaten, you cannot speak
-Gir eats flower
-Now entering Dying Lands except for Charles
-Charles and Erevan begin to head to the Dying Lands
-Reach Femuta
-Party is looking around
-Find a very old journal
-Journal of Philip Young
-Book causes much group internal conflict
-Zombie x1
-Fleshy Skeletons x2
-Skeletons w/shields x4
-Skeleton w/Bow x2
-VICTORY!!! +300xp
-Gir attacks Gardain to get the book
-Loot: Bone Dust, leather armor, long bow, short sword, arrowsx20, chain mailx4, light shieldx4 long swordx4
-Party returns to fighting over the book
-Yami walks off to the east
-Rest of party rests in town

Bonus Experience

FYI: bonus experience is first and foremost awarded for role-playing and then character insight [Ex. clever use of item that produces desired effect]; therefore, insight might not give you as much exp if it isn’t role playing. I have decided there will be no bonus to out of game jokes that might be made as a result of playing [Ex. Gardain’s baseball comment when hitting Wheezer or the all too loved great spear comment]

Gardain- For: trying to remove debt-100, running in a random direction in pursuit of Dessim/ forgetting about Dessim and following Girr back to the Dying Lands-150, fighting with Girr over book/ ignoring enemies in order to read the book-150, and other minor role-playing (Ex. Sleeping away from group)-50 Total Exp: 450

Girr- For: Beheading Bator/Stripping of his clothes – 150, Eating Flower despite the advice of teammates- 100, Fighting with Gardain over book/throwing Wheezer- 150, Reading/wanting book despite being illiterate-100, and other minor role-playing – 50 (Ex. Character Voice) Total Exp: 575

Charles- For: Past life references (aka hooker allusions) while talking to Erevan-100, desperately trying to recruit someone to kill parents (will be minor from now on but it helped bring the group together) -100, and other minor role-playing –50 (Ex. Helping the current loser) Total Exp: 275

Wheezer- Encouraging the fight between Girr and Gardain/ casting a spell mid air- 150, insistence on burning Bator’s corpse- 50, and other minor role-playing – 50 (Ex. character voice) Total Exp: 250

Sin-Creating adventure log (Only out of game exp ill reward because it makes my life easier) – 100, stealing gold before Girr took it from Bator- 50 and other minor role-playing – 50 (Ex. generally anti-social behavior) Total Exp: 200

J- Self preservation (aka don’t attack me because I am one of you) – 100, and other minor role-playing – 50 (Ex. generally anti-social behavior) Total Exp: 150

Erevan- Drawing in sands/ seeing whether or not the party could help you get to the Feywild/ attempts to get home (will be minor from now on) -150, and other minor role-playing – 50 (Ex. taking sentry position) Total Exp: 200

Slash- Trying to destroy object of the group’s desire aka the book – 100, sneaking behind group- 50, and other minor role-playing – 50 (Ex. recognizing defeat) Total Exp.- 200

Yami- leaving group at end in search for food-100, and other minor role-playing – 50 (Ex. character voice) Total Exp: 150

Please mention any events that I may not have awarded exp for but you feel does not go under other minor role-playing (which I am making a flat almost guaranteed bonus that I may increase in the future). I will have a discussion board on facebook for you to post such comment. After review them I will make a judgment and let you know before the next session.

To The Tower Of The Dying Lands

-Yami encounters deathly looking blue dragonborn
-Headless man with bow and odd-hatted swordsman appear
-Yami is unconscious
-Rest of party awakes
-Heads south toward the tower
-Encounter Hidan
-Silly role playing stuff
-Hidan is dead due to excessive time spend in the dying lands
-Learning about history of Hidan’s time in the Dying Lands
-Party should kill the guy with the swords first if we encounter Hidan’s old allies
-“Lightning commander inspires troops above and beyond their limits…”
-“His battles go as fast as lightning”
-Hidan requests we kill him before he loses himself to the undead
-Girr beheads Hidan
-Party infighting… again…
-Gardain continues on towards the tower
-Party buries Hidan
-Gardain encounters dragonborn, headless man and odd-hatted swordsman
-Yami looks “dead” on the ground
-Skeleton with shield x2
-Dragonborn with heavy armor
-Headless Archer
-Odd-Hatted Swordsman
-Erevan crit on arcana: can follow trail of magic from dragonborn south to the tower
-Yami is gonna die… lulz
-Erevan notices trail of magic from headless archer
-Loot: Cloth armor x1 (Broken) x1, Long bow x1, arrows x20, Weird Hat, Long Sword x4, Chain Mail x2, Plate mail +1 x1, heavy shield x1, light shield x2
-Proceed to tower
-Rest before…

Bonus Experience

Gardain- Translation of Girr to Hidan in an attempt to recruit more to his mission- 100 XP, Minors- 100 XP Total: 200 XP

Girr- Wookie- 50, Protection of Hidan’s corpse- 100 XP, Minors- 100 XP Total: 250 XP
Charles- Obsession with cloth armor- 50 XP, Healing the headless- 100 XP, Minors- 100 XP Total: 250 XP

Sin- Not explaining the flower to Hidan after someone offered an explanation- 100 XP, Avoidance of the leader role- 50 XP, Minors 100 XP Total: 250 XP

Erevan- Voice of reason (based on my tactical experience I suggest we rest/ I suggest we catch up to your friend) – 150 XP, Minors- 100 XP Total: 250 XP

J- Headless Bluff fail (mostly given for its humor) 100XP, Minors 100 XP Total: 200 XP

Yami- Going on the offense ignoring player knowledge- 150 XP, Insistence on finding food even from asking suspicious characters- 50 XP, Minors- 100 XP Total: 300 XP

Day One in the Tower

-Party enters tower
-Old magic detected somewhere in the tower
-Statues have movable arms
-Everyone saves their pogs
-Magic felt from behind door
-Girr and Statue person communicate
-Statue guy x1 (E-One)
-Wields staff with black flame
-Feel large amounts of arcane power coming from inside the room
-Trail of black magic coming from E-One
-VICTORY!!! +800xp
-Loot: Cloth armor +1? x1, Lantern Staff? X1, dagger? X1
-End Of Encounter
-Statue destroyed: +100xp
-Party runs off in random directions
-Party does random things
-Party In-Fighting…………. ……….. …
-Wheezer sprays Charles with… magic stuff ._.
-More in-fighting…? -,-‘
-Ritual crap…… >.>’’’
-Sin plays cards
-Now less magic energy
-More wasted time on party in-fighting

Sooo much time spent on in-fighting…

Bonus Exp. (Sorry for the late post. I was sick then got busy)

Gardain- For: setting traps- 50 xp, outrage at people disturbing your sleeping area- 100 xp, minor 100 xp, attempting to translate the writings- 50 xp, Total- 300 xp

Girr- picking up wheezer- 50 xp, destruction of the statue- 50xp, Minor (Wookie)- 100xp, total- 200xp

Wheezer- Burning the blood/drinking- 100 xp, search for arcane energy- 50 xp, minor-100 xp, total- 250 xp.

Sin- looking for the switch that caused the dying lands (after boss battle) – 100 xp, investigative behavior- 50 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 250 xp
Charles- Bluff telling wheezer to drink blood – minus 50xp, fervently going after the cloth armor- 100 xp, trying to use wheezer as tool for destruction- 100 xp, minors- 100 xp, total- 250xp

J- Turning into Yami and attacking Girr without motive (Note: if you want you can continue to do similar behavior then I’ll take it as a shift in your character’s views. Till now I have come to understand you are generally passive till you have no other choice)- minus 50 xp, investigative behavior with erevan and sin- 50xp, minor- 100 xp, Total- 100xp

Erevan- getting Girr to talk to blood voice- 100xp, investigative party with sin and J- 50 xp, trying really hard to gather information about the place despite fighting upstream (against the party’s direction)- 100 xp, minor- 100 xp, Total- 350 xp.

Yami- Burying cloth armor/following Gardain without reason (Note: if you want you can continue to do similar behavior then I’ll take it as a shift in your character’s views, but I do not think you originally intended to make your character a dog)- minus 50xp, Going out of the way to look for food (from now on under minor)- 50 xp, Using knowledge from the journal to further the party- 50 xp, minor-100 xp, total- 150 xp.

The Party Divides

-We have learned that most countries are in a state of conflict with other countries. However they are not at war.
-Sea travel is the fastest travel as of right now.
-Dryad is the only country with internal conflict. (Only players that have recently been here know this)
-There are guns and gunpowder.
-PreIndustrial society.
-The date is year 432 since written history.
-The party leaves the tower heading in the direction of Cutan.
-Charles tries to convince the party to travel to Arpool in order to locate Dessim.
-Gardain tricks Erevan into saying that he is Dessim this has led Gardain to be distrusting of Erevan.
-We meet a traveling merchant on the way to Cutan Charles tries to bluff him into showing him his merchandise in order to buy things.
-We arrive in Cutan and a mob approached the party.
-The mob is there to reward the group that stopped the spread of the dying lands.
-Charles gives the goblet as proof of our victory and the party was awarded with 15000 gold pieces.
-Gardain receives 12000 gold pieces in order to pay off his debt since he was the one that started the quest.
-The rest of the party except for Slash and Sin receive 500 gold pieces. Also Dresden and Inglib were not part of the party at the time and did not receive any cash.
-The party split into 2 groups one consists of Gardain, Slash, J, Sin, and Charles. They are headed towards Arpol to pay Gardain’s debt and collect on the bounty. The other consists of Erevan, Gir, Wheezer, and Yami they are headed to the Tower of Truth.
-The party towards Arpol confronts 4 Goblins on their route to Arpol.
-The tower group makes it through several trials and into the lower floors.
-The Arpol group nearly loses J and Charles eventually winning the fight and being awarded 400 exp.

Bonus Exp.

Gardain- Ask the merchant for reward- 50xp, Trick Erevan into responding to Dessim- 100 xp, minors- 100xp, total- 250 xp

Girr- tried to intimidate merchant for better price- 50 xp, impatient and direct personality leading to solving two trials- 100 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 250 xp

Wheezer- using self as a magic compass- 100 xp, trying to blow up the old ladies vase- 50 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 250xp

Sin- MIA

Charles- working on puzzle when you weren’t there (I know you like puzzles but don’t say things out loud) – minus 50 xp, Going to Arpol- 50 xp, Bluff merchant- 100 xp, cup as proof- 50 xp, minor 100xp, total- 250 xp

J- plan to impersonate Bator- 100 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 200 xp

Dresdan- offering help to old lady- 50 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 150 xp

Inglib- Do nothing, earn nothing.

Slash- minor- 100 xp, total-100 xp

Erevan-Split up reward- 100 xp, asked questions about feywild to merchant (learning of the tower of truth)- 100 xp, minor 100 xp, Total- 300 xp.

Yami- acknowledge Dresdan- 50 xp, came up with the idea to use wheezer as a magic compass- 100 xp, minor-100 xp, total- 250 xp

The Tower Of Truth

-Arpol group meets “Dessim”
-ToT team doing trials o,O’
-Gir and wheezer get through their path…
-Back to Arpol: We all b b-huntahs bluff
-Arpol team gets paid after successfully convincing Dessim that they were the bounty hunters
-Back to ToT
-Erevan finds pool of water
-Needs to swim (he cant swim lulz…)
-Yami and Erevan cross the pool
-Arpol team: Get funding to build a flying ship after Gardain draws out most of schematics
-Gardain also gets Dessim to sign contract which remains in Gardain’s possession
-GNOME POWERED (wtf…? o,O”) failed bluff by Charles, J quickly calms Dessim down and the bounty hunters are forced to leave
-Arpol party buys 5 horses and proceeds to tower
-ToT party: doing skill checks
-Arpol group gets into tower while Tot group is stuck on trial of cooperation
-Arpol group is advancing quickly through tower
-ToT team is stuck due to party miscommunication
-Party is completing skill checks
-Arpol group meets Tot group at the trial of cooperation
-Charles and Sin solve the puzzle with help from Gardain informing them which doors open on his side
-Reach the end: all party members get one questions answered
-Various questions, most fairly useless
-J asked “What is the meaning of life?” told “42”
-Charles asked “What is the best way to kill my parents?” told “Your parents died of a heart attacks a week ago.”
-Erevan asked “Where is the nearest open fey portal that I can reach before it closes?” told “All fey portals are closed at the moment.”
-Gardain asked “Tell me the design specifications to an internal combustion engine?” given schematics
-Gir asked “How do I get squishy to stop talking to me?” no one else heard the answer.
-Wheezer asked “What he should do to destroy the world?” told to stop the people on the moon or he won’t destroy the world
-Entire party leaves tower and agrees to help build Gardain’s flying ship.
-Gir leaves party for two days to travel south and visit his tribe party members know only this.
-Should take party about a week and a day to finish all members have provisions provided from the Dessim investment.
-LoL is funny…
-Team fights….
-Exp Pending
-For anyone that wasn’t there I believe the DM will allow you to decide not to help with the construction so send him an email if you choose to not help. Helping however gets you 100 gold pieces but also 1% of all profits from the sale of these flying ships.

Experience Points
1000 exp points for all members even those not present.

-Gardain: 50exp – drawings, 50exp – building airship, 100exp – co-dm and writing program, 50exp – question, 100exp minors → total 350exp
-Charles: 50exp – question, 50exp – convincing gardain, 50exp buying horses, 100exp – minors → total 250exp
-J: 100exp – bluffs, 50exp – horses, 50exp – question, 100exp – minors → total 300exp
-Sin: 100exp – rope, 50exp – question, 100exp – minors → total 250exp
*Due to other party being stuck on the puzzle DM awards 200exp to each player in other party that was present. 100exp for minors and 100exp for question.
-Gir: Gets 50 bonus for cradling Wheezer as they ran through the traps. Along with the 200 mentioned previously.

Is that a moon!

• Girr re-assumes leadership of his clan, promising to lead them to great glory.
• Girr awakens the next morning and 1/3 of his tribe has gone missing
• Girr leads the remaining bugbears in a large mob to Tahoe, to help finish constructing the airship he promised them they’d inhabit from now on.
• Finished building airship.
• Took airship for test flight.
• Wheezer traveled to Arpol and from there paid for being smuggled to rankali where he researched for three days how to get to the moon.
• He discovered the where the stones to get to the moon might be.
• Our group is on to discussion for where to travel with airship.
• Please post to facebook page for ideas. A discussion has been posted so that we can decide where to go before Saturday. This will allow Paul to plan some more of the campaign. Just a note the DM will decide tonight where we are going anyone who has not posted to the discussion will not have their opinion heard. So far the only ones were Gir, Gardain, and Sin. As of right now the destination looks to be Raden.
• Also you guys suck for not being here.


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