The Sins of the Father

More Dragons

The party continued down into the ruins. Charles looked around the passageways to make sure there were no traps while the party continued forward. Upon reaching the stairs Gardain and Gir continued at an uninterupted pace down the stairs into the next room. J sensed two large auras of magical energy separate from the energy emanating from the ruins and warned the party of this while proceeding down the staircase. Upon reaching the lower floor Sin checked the room on the right and issued an all clear. At the same time Gir checked the room on the left and also gave the all clear. Gardain walked straight to the center door pushed it open and continued walking finally halting when he saw the two dragon like creatures. Gradain greeted the dragons which responded with get out of here. Gardain then mentioned that we are looking for something and can’t leave until we find it. The dragons then mention the map again while trying to tell the party to leave. Gardain mentions that we had met similar creatures on the floor above also looking for a map. At this point Charles tries to help Gardain and says we killed those morons. Gardain realizing the danger quickly states and if you don’t want to end up in the same state you will help us find the orb and we will be on our way. This leads to a fight where the party wins and receives 1750 exp. They also find a small assortment of items and finally a secret passage. Gardain and Gir attempt several times to proceed down the passage only to be thrown back with a large amount of force. Wheezer and Erevan realize the trap and disarm it allowing the party to continue forward.

Exploring the Dragon Tomb

Erevan, Sin, J, Gardain, and Wheezer continue into the ruins.
J hears noises coming from the room down the passage to the right.
Gardain asks for suggestions when reaching a three way fork.
Erevan points out that military tactics continually choose the right hand path in order to make sure they clear every room.
Gardain follows this advice and takes the right passageway to a door.
Gardain opens the door and sees 2 silver scaled lizard like creatures and a blue and silver lizard like creature all of which were searching the room.
Gardain says “Sorry wrong room”, and then shuts the door.
Wheezer runs up and reopens the door.
The dragons tell the party to leave the ruins.
Gardain gives an explanation that we cannot leave until we find the glowing orb. Also the dragons are searching for a map of some kind.
One dragon holds out a perfect sphere rock and gives it to Gardain.
Wheezer lights the rock on fire.
Gardain believes it to be an everlasting stone of fire.
Due to the sudden use of magic the dragons attack.
During the battle Charles shows up and does some needed healing.
After the battle the party discovers two amulets one of physical and the other of mental resolve and a ruby scabbard.
Gardian also takes the scales, teeth, and claws from the dragons.

Leaving Ormthon

-Gardain is taken to prison by the guards.
-Gir runs and loses his pursuers after a few minutes and returns to J.
-Sin just continually remains just a few steps ahead of the guards with ease and decides to be a distraction for 2 hours.
-Gir and J decide to return to the ship at a leisurely pace.
-Erevan and Charles continue to try and start the ship without Gardain
-Charles believes that by removing the four large stones in the engine room the ship will begin to fly.
-Erevan threatens and stops Charles from removing the stones
-The bugbears hear the commotion and walk into the room
-Erevan and Charles try to convince them to restrain the other because they are trying to help the ship
-The bugbears confused by the argument tie up both Charles and Erevan and toss them in the storage room with Slash
-At this point Gardain wakes up in a jail cell with a sleeping gnome
-Gardain proceeds to scream and whine that he needs his piggy
-A guard appears and tells Gardain to follow him
-Gardain is thrown into a interogation/torture chamber where his piggy is lying on a table
-The guard captain enters the room and begins to ask Gardain about the other members of his party
-Gardain answers in a very stupified way and continually seems to talk to the pig
-The captain gets that Gardain is travelling with a bugbear named Gir, several other bugbears, a guy in a sling, and two people that could be a danger to the city. Also Gardain lets it slip that he has a ship and a drake.
-The Captain then proposes that if Gardain would be willing to go on a small quest almost all indiscretions would be forgiven. Gir and Charles would still be banned from the city.
-After coming to an agreement Gardain leaves with an escort of several guards to return to his ship
-Meanwhile, Yami arrives at the ship and ignoring Charles screams returns to his room and goes to sleep.
-Next Gir and J arrive at the ship. Gir checks in with the bugbears before also going to sleep.
-J checks the engine room and realizes that something is missing and needs to be added before they could take off. At which point he goes to check on the screaming coming from the storage room.
-J discusses the situation with Erevan and Charles and after decides that Erevans storing seems more believable unties Erevan.
-J and Erevan move Charles and tie him to the front of the ship.
-J and Erevan then return to the engine room to try and hotwire the ship.
-Gardain arrives with the party of guards.
-Believing that this could be Gardain, J and Erevan quickly replace the engine room door and travel to the storage room
-Gardain hands the drake over to the guards and then goes and starts the ship
-He flies at a low altitude keeping an eye out for Sin
-Sin spots the rope ladder and jumps getting tangled in the lines and is quickly pulled up by the party.
-The ship begins travelling along the road toward Rankali looking for Wheezer because Gardain knows that Wheezer was heading to Rankali
-Also Charles was released and let back onto the ship
-The bugbears spot a lone traveller on horseback and hover the ship before climbing down to offer trade. At the same time Charles is in conflict with Erevan and J. Causing Charles to leap off of the ship
-Wheezer(the traveller) sees the flying man jump towards him from the unknown creature in the sky and launches a fireball at it
-Charles nearly goes unconcious from the fall and fire
-The bugbears greet Wheezer and attempt to sell him items.
-Wheezer demands to be given the items when he recognizes the voice of one of the party and rejoins the group.
-He adds new information as to the location of where we can end the cold snap of this country
-The ship changes destination and finds old ruins based on Wheezer’s directions after three days.
-The party enters the ruins while the bugbears hunt for food

The Battle Rages On

-Gardain, Gir, Yami, and Jyyyyym are still fighting the town guard
-Sin, J, and Charles are returning to the ship
-Upon seeing the town guards running to some unknown location Sin and J divert and follow the guards
-Charles begins to run back to the ship
-Wheezer escapes from jail and is traveling towards Ormathon
-Erevan and his Bugbear team are negotiating terms to create cannon balls
- Gardain, Gir, Yami, and Jyyyyym begin trying to withdraw to the ship
-Jyyyyym escapes from the encounter and begins making his way back to the ship
-More guards surround the remaining members
-Yami teleports across the roofs and escapes
-Gardain is knocked unconsious; taken away
-Gir escapes to rooftops but is still surounded;
-Charles returns to airship and reports the disturbance to Erevan;
-Erevan attempts to start the ship but upon entering the restricted engineering door discovers four large stones and a pedastal that looks as though something is missing
-Erevan has no idea how to proceed without the missing object
-Sin and J attempt to divert guards by using J’s bluff and Sin’s intimidate
-Several guards pursue Sin and J most
-Gir also runs towards Sin and J and is also being pursued
-End of day

Chaos in he Streets

-Party flies to Ormthon
-Heads to city hall to find Charles’s brother
-Party finds city hall is able to find the shop that Jarod runs along with two other shops owned by people named Jarod
-Wheezer is in Rankali burning different buildings after the owners have refused to comply with his wishes
-Wheezer continued to burn things until beginning to preach to the people about rising up against their opressors.
-Wheezer is now surrounded by the town guards
-Yami is off looking for shops to train his skills and to find fish
-Gir kills a jarod while randomly walking through the town
-Those inside the shop witness the murder of said Jarod and call the town guards
-Yami intrigued by the disturbance follows the town guards by jumping along the rooftops.
-Gir spots Yami and climbs nearby roof to reach Yami
-Gaurds attempt to follow and one shoots Gir with crossbow
-Gir and Yami begins conflict with town guards
-Sin flies into air believing that Jarod is in the sky and spots Gir being shot with crossbow
-Upon hearing this Gardain runs in the direction that Sin pointed to help Gir
-Gardain joins the fight
-Charles Sin and J head off to the pawn shop
-Partner of the pawn shop is slain by Sin in an attempt to gain control of the shop; Party removes witnesses
-Conflict with guards draws more guards; Jyyyyyyym (a bugbear from Gir’s tribe) joins the fight with the town guards
-Jarod is killed
-Party (Sin) Liquidates all items in the shop (Monetary gains TBD)
-J changed into a guard and pretends to investigate the murder of the shop owners in order to make sure the real guards are not called

Yay Drake

• Airship leaves Tahoe for Raden
• Gardain hands out contracts to all party members that helped to build ship. It guarantees a 1% part of all profits from the airship sales. (All members that were not present for the game this weekend should state whether they signed the contract)
• En route to Raden the party is attacked.
• Wheezer is in Rankali all of Sovian and Naguyen are experiencing record cold in the spring time.
• Flying ship being attacked by 5 drakes in mid air combat.
• Gardain flies the ship away from three of the drakes.
• Inglip manages to restrain and muzzle a drake
• Other drake was killed and tossed off of the ship.
• Slash was knocked unconscious and restrained by the bugbears under Gardain’s order due to attacking the drake.
• Drake falls asleep on the ship. Please post to the forums here as to what to do with the drake.

Is that a moon!

• Girr re-assumes leadership of his clan, promising to lead them to great glory.
• Girr awakens the next morning and 1/3 of his tribe has gone missing
• Girr leads the remaining bugbears in a large mob to Tahoe, to help finish constructing the airship he promised them they’d inhabit from now on.
• Finished building airship.
• Took airship for test flight.
• Wheezer traveled to Arpol and from there paid for being smuggled to rankali where he researched for three days how to get to the moon.
• He discovered the where the stones to get to the moon might be.
• Our group is on to discussion for where to travel with airship.
• Please post to facebook page for ideas. A discussion has been posted so that we can decide where to go before Saturday. This will allow Paul to plan some more of the campaign. Just a note the DM will decide tonight where we are going anyone who has not posted to the discussion will not have their opinion heard. So far the only ones were Gir, Gardain, and Sin. As of right now the destination looks to be Raden.
• Also you guys suck for not being here.

The Tower Of Truth

-Arpol group meets “Dessim”
-ToT team doing trials o,O’
-Gir and wheezer get through their path…
-Back to Arpol: We all b b-huntahs bluff
-Arpol team gets paid after successfully convincing Dessim that they were the bounty hunters
-Back to ToT
-Erevan finds pool of water
-Needs to swim (he cant swim lulz…)
-Yami and Erevan cross the pool
-Arpol team: Get funding to build a flying ship after Gardain draws out most of schematics
-Gardain also gets Dessim to sign contract which remains in Gardain’s possession
-GNOME POWERED (wtf…? o,O”) failed bluff by Charles, J quickly calms Dessim down and the bounty hunters are forced to leave
-Arpol party buys 5 horses and proceeds to tower
-ToT party: doing skill checks
-Arpol group gets into tower while Tot group is stuck on trial of cooperation
-Arpol group is advancing quickly through tower
-ToT team is stuck due to party miscommunication
-Party is completing skill checks
-Arpol group meets Tot group at the trial of cooperation
-Charles and Sin solve the puzzle with help from Gardain informing them which doors open on his side
-Reach the end: all party members get one questions answered
-Various questions, most fairly useless
-J asked “What is the meaning of life?” told “42”
-Charles asked “What is the best way to kill my parents?” told “Your parents died of a heart attacks a week ago.”
-Erevan asked “Where is the nearest open fey portal that I can reach before it closes?” told “All fey portals are closed at the moment.”
-Gardain asked “Tell me the design specifications to an internal combustion engine?” given schematics
-Gir asked “How do I get squishy to stop talking to me?” no one else heard the answer.
-Wheezer asked “What he should do to destroy the world?” told to stop the people on the moon or he won’t destroy the world
-Entire party leaves tower and agrees to help build Gardain’s flying ship.
-Gir leaves party for two days to travel south and visit his tribe party members know only this.
-Should take party about a week and a day to finish all members have provisions provided from the Dessim investment.
-LoL is funny…
-Team fights….
-Exp Pending
-For anyone that wasn’t there I believe the DM will allow you to decide not to help with the construction so send him an email if you choose to not help. Helping however gets you 100 gold pieces but also 1% of all profits from the sale of these flying ships.

Experience Points
1000 exp points for all members even those not present.

-Gardain: 50exp – drawings, 50exp – building airship, 100exp – co-dm and writing program, 50exp – question, 100exp minors → total 350exp
-Charles: 50exp – question, 50exp – convincing gardain, 50exp buying horses, 100exp – minors → total 250exp
-J: 100exp – bluffs, 50exp – horses, 50exp – question, 100exp – minors → total 300exp
-Sin: 100exp – rope, 50exp – question, 100exp – minors → total 250exp
*Due to other party being stuck on the puzzle DM awards 200exp to each player in other party that was present. 100exp for minors and 100exp for question.
-Gir: Gets 50 bonus for cradling Wheezer as they ran through the traps. Along with the 200 mentioned previously.

The Party Divides

-We have learned that most countries are in a state of conflict with other countries. However they are not at war.
-Sea travel is the fastest travel as of right now.
-Dryad is the only country with internal conflict. (Only players that have recently been here know this)
-There are guns and gunpowder.
-PreIndustrial society.
-The date is year 432 since written history.
-The party leaves the tower heading in the direction of Cutan.
-Charles tries to convince the party to travel to Arpool in order to locate Dessim.
-Gardain tricks Erevan into saying that he is Dessim this has led Gardain to be distrusting of Erevan.
-We meet a traveling merchant on the way to Cutan Charles tries to bluff him into showing him his merchandise in order to buy things.
-We arrive in Cutan and a mob approached the party.
-The mob is there to reward the group that stopped the spread of the dying lands.
-Charles gives the goblet as proof of our victory and the party was awarded with 15000 gold pieces.
-Gardain receives 12000 gold pieces in order to pay off his debt since he was the one that started the quest.
-The rest of the party except for Slash and Sin receive 500 gold pieces. Also Dresden and Inglib were not part of the party at the time and did not receive any cash.
-The party split into 2 groups one consists of Gardain, Slash, J, Sin, and Charles. They are headed towards Arpol to pay Gardain’s debt and collect on the bounty. The other consists of Erevan, Gir, Wheezer, and Yami they are headed to the Tower of Truth.
-The party towards Arpol confronts 4 Goblins on their route to Arpol.
-The tower group makes it through several trials and into the lower floors.
-The Arpol group nearly loses J and Charles eventually winning the fight and being awarded 400 exp.

Bonus Exp.

Gardain- Ask the merchant for reward- 50xp, Trick Erevan into responding to Dessim- 100 xp, minors- 100xp, total- 250 xp

Girr- tried to intimidate merchant for better price- 50 xp, impatient and direct personality leading to solving two trials- 100 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 250 xp

Wheezer- using self as a magic compass- 100 xp, trying to blow up the old ladies vase- 50 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 250xp

Sin- MIA

Charles- working on puzzle when you weren’t there (I know you like puzzles but don’t say things out loud) – minus 50 xp, Going to Arpol- 50 xp, Bluff merchant- 100 xp, cup as proof- 50 xp, minor 100xp, total- 250 xp

J- plan to impersonate Bator- 100 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 200 xp

Dresdan- offering help to old lady- 50 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 150 xp

Inglib- Do nothing, earn nothing.

Slash- minor- 100 xp, total-100 xp

Erevan-Split up reward- 100 xp, asked questions about feywild to merchant (learning of the tower of truth)- 100 xp, minor 100 xp, Total- 300 xp.

Yami- acknowledge Dresdan- 50 xp, came up with the idea to use wheezer as a magic compass- 100 xp, minor-100 xp, total- 250 xp

Day One in the Tower

-Party enters tower
-Old magic detected somewhere in the tower
-Statues have movable arms
-Everyone saves their pogs
-Magic felt from behind door
-Girr and Statue person communicate
-Statue guy x1 (E-One)
-Wields staff with black flame
-Feel large amounts of arcane power coming from inside the room
-Trail of black magic coming from E-One
-VICTORY!!! +800xp
-Loot: Cloth armor +1? x1, Lantern Staff? X1, dagger? X1
-End Of Encounter
-Statue destroyed: +100xp
-Party runs off in random directions
-Party does random things
-Party In-Fighting…………. ……….. …
-Wheezer sprays Charles with… magic stuff ._.
-More in-fighting…? -,-‘
-Ritual crap…… >.>’’’
-Sin plays cards
-Now less magic energy
-More wasted time on party in-fighting

Sooo much time spent on in-fighting…

Bonus Exp. (Sorry for the late post. I was sick then got busy)

Gardain- For: setting traps- 50 xp, outrage at people disturbing your sleeping area- 100 xp, minor 100 xp, attempting to translate the writings- 50 xp, Total- 300 xp

Girr- picking up wheezer- 50 xp, destruction of the statue- 50xp, Minor (Wookie)- 100xp, total- 200xp

Wheezer- Burning the blood/drinking- 100 xp, search for arcane energy- 50 xp, minor-100 xp, total- 250 xp.

Sin- looking for the switch that caused the dying lands (after boss battle) – 100 xp, investigative behavior- 50 xp, minor- 100 xp, total- 250 xp
Charles- Bluff telling wheezer to drink blood – minus 50xp, fervently going after the cloth armor- 100 xp, trying to use wheezer as tool for destruction- 100 xp, minors- 100 xp, total- 250xp

J- Turning into Yami and attacking Girr without motive (Note: if you want you can continue to do similar behavior then I’ll take it as a shift in your character’s views. Till now I have come to understand you are generally passive till you have no other choice)- minus 50 xp, investigative behavior with erevan and sin- 50xp, minor- 100 xp, Total- 100xp

Erevan- getting Girr to talk to blood voice- 100xp, investigative party with sin and J- 50 xp, trying really hard to gather information about the place despite fighting upstream (against the party’s direction)- 100 xp, minor- 100 xp, Total- 350 xp.

Yami- Burying cloth armor/following Gardain without reason (Note: if you want you can continue to do similar behavior then I’ll take it as a shift in your character’s views, but I do not think you originally intended to make your character a dog)- minus 50xp, Going out of the way to look for food (from now on under minor)- 50 xp, Using knowledge from the journal to further the party- 50 xp, minor-100 xp, total- 150 xp.


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