Piggy Hammer

Robotic piggy that turns into a hammer

weapon (melee)

Cost N/A (Unique item) Levels with Inventor
Weapon: Hammer
Enhancement: Atk. and Dmg. rolls (See p.225 of players guide)
Critical: +1d6 lighting damage, per enhancement bonus, burst one.

  • Power (At-Will): Minor Action. Hammer turns into a pig that acts like a Handy Haversack, Another minor action will turn it back into a hammer.
  • Power (At-Will ✦ Lightning): Free Action. All damage dealt
    by this weapon is burst one lightning damage. Another free action
    returns the damage to normal.
  • Power (Daily ✦ Lightning): Free Action. Use this power when
    you hit with the weapon. The target and each enemy within
    2 squares of the target take 1d6 lightning damage.
    Level 5: 2d6, Level 10: 3d6, Level 15: 4d6,
    Level 20: 5d6, Level 25: 6d6

Invented by the Dwarf, Gardain Hammerthrow.
Never shows its power due to his paranoia that someone would steal it.

Piggy Hammer

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