The Sins of the Father

Yay Drake

• Airship leaves Tahoe for Raden
• Gardain hands out contracts to all party members that helped to build ship. It guarantees a 1% part of all profits from the airship sales. (All members that were not present for the game this weekend should state whether they signed the contract)
• En route to Raden the party is attacked.
• Wheezer is in Rankali all of Sovian and Naguyen are experiencing record cold in the spring time.
• Flying ship being attacked by 5 drakes in mid air combat.
• Gardain flies the ship away from three of the drakes.
• Inglip manages to restrain and muzzle a drake
• Other drake was killed and tossed off of the ship.
• Slash was knocked unconscious and restrained by the bugbears under Gardain’s order due to attacking the drake.
• Drake falls asleep on the ship. Please post to the forums here as to what to do with the drake.



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