The Sins of the Father

The Tower Of Truth

-Arpol group meets “Dessim”
-ToT team doing trials o,O’
-Gir and wheezer get through their path…
-Back to Arpol: We all b b-huntahs bluff
-Arpol team gets paid after successfully convincing Dessim that they were the bounty hunters
-Back to ToT
-Erevan finds pool of water
-Needs to swim (he cant swim lulz…)
-Yami and Erevan cross the pool
-Arpol team: Get funding to build a flying ship after Gardain draws out most of schematics
-Gardain also gets Dessim to sign contract which remains in Gardain’s possession
-GNOME POWERED (wtf…? o,O”) failed bluff by Charles, J quickly calms Dessim down and the bounty hunters are forced to leave
-Arpol party buys 5 horses and proceeds to tower
-ToT party: doing skill checks
-Arpol group gets into tower while Tot group is stuck on trial of cooperation
-Arpol group is advancing quickly through tower
-ToT team is stuck due to party miscommunication
-Party is completing skill checks
-Arpol group meets Tot group at the trial of cooperation
-Charles and Sin solve the puzzle with help from Gardain informing them which doors open on his side
-Reach the end: all party members get one questions answered
-Various questions, most fairly useless
-J asked “What is the meaning of life?” told “42”
-Charles asked “What is the best way to kill my parents?” told “Your parents died of a heart attacks a week ago.”
-Erevan asked “Where is the nearest open fey portal that I can reach before it closes?” told “All fey portals are closed at the moment.”
-Gardain asked “Tell me the design specifications to an internal combustion engine?” given schematics
-Gir asked “How do I get squishy to stop talking to me?” no one else heard the answer.
-Wheezer asked “What he should do to destroy the world?” told to stop the people on the moon or he won’t destroy the world
-Entire party leaves tower and agrees to help build Gardain’s flying ship.
-Gir leaves party for two days to travel south and visit his tribe party members know only this.
-Should take party about a week and a day to finish all members have provisions provided from the Dessim investment.
-LoL is funny…
-Team fights….
-Exp Pending
-For anyone that wasn’t there I believe the DM will allow you to decide not to help with the construction so send him an email if you choose to not help. Helping however gets you 100 gold pieces but also 1% of all profits from the sale of these flying ships.

Experience Points
1000 exp points for all members even those not present.

-Gardain: 50exp – drawings, 50exp – building airship, 100exp – co-dm and writing program, 50exp – question, 100exp minors → total 350exp
-Charles: 50exp – question, 50exp – convincing gardain, 50exp buying horses, 100exp – minors → total 250exp
-J: 100exp – bluffs, 50exp – horses, 50exp – question, 100exp – minors → total 300exp
-Sin: 100exp – rope, 50exp – question, 100exp – minors → total 250exp
*Due to other party being stuck on the puzzle DM awards 200exp to each player in other party that was present. 100exp for minors and 100exp for question.
-Gir: Gets 50 bonus for cradling Wheezer as they ran through the traps. Along with the 200 mentioned previously.



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