The Sins of the Father

The Battle Rages On

-Gardain, Gir, Yami, and Jyyyyym are still fighting the town guard
-Sin, J, and Charles are returning to the ship
-Upon seeing the town guards running to some unknown location Sin and J divert and follow the guards
-Charles begins to run back to the ship
-Wheezer escapes from jail and is traveling towards Ormathon
-Erevan and his Bugbear team are negotiating terms to create cannon balls
- Gardain, Gir, Yami, and Jyyyyym begin trying to withdraw to the ship
-Jyyyyym escapes from the encounter and begins making his way back to the ship
-More guards surround the remaining members
-Yami teleports across the roofs and escapes
-Gardain is knocked unconsious; taken away
-Gir escapes to rooftops but is still surounded;
-Charles returns to airship and reports the disturbance to Erevan;
-Erevan attempts to start the ship but upon entering the restricted engineering door discovers four large stones and a pedastal that looks as though something is missing
-Erevan has no idea how to proceed without the missing object
-Sin and J attempt to divert guards by using J’s bluff and Sin’s intimidate
-Several guards pursue Sin and J most
-Gir also runs towards Sin and J and is also being pursued
-End of day



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