The Sins of the Father

More Dragons

The party continued down into the ruins. Charles looked around the passageways to make sure there were no traps while the party continued forward. Upon reaching the stairs Gardain and Gir continued at an uninterupted pace down the stairs into the next room. J sensed two large auras of magical energy separate from the energy emanating from the ruins and warned the party of this while proceeding down the staircase. Upon reaching the lower floor Sin checked the room on the right and issued an all clear. At the same time Gir checked the room on the left and also gave the all clear. Gardain walked straight to the center door pushed it open and continued walking finally halting when he saw the two dragon like creatures. Gradain greeted the dragons which responded with get out of here. Gardain then mentioned that we are looking for something and can’t leave until we find it. The dragons then mention the map again while trying to tell the party to leave. Gardain mentions that we had met similar creatures on the floor above also looking for a map. At this point Charles tries to help Gardain and says we killed those morons. Gardain realizing the danger quickly states and if you don’t want to end up in the same state you will help us find the orb and we will be on our way. This leads to a fight where the party wins and receives 1750 exp. They also find a small assortment of items and finally a secret passage. Gardain and Gir attempt several times to proceed down the passage only to be thrown back with a large amount of force. Wheezer and Erevan realize the trap and disarm it allowing the party to continue forward.



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