The Sins of the Father

Leaving Ormthon

-Gardain is taken to prison by the guards.
-Gir runs and loses his pursuers after a few minutes and returns to J.
-Sin just continually remains just a few steps ahead of the guards with ease and decides to be a distraction for 2 hours.
-Gir and J decide to return to the ship at a leisurely pace.
-Erevan and Charles continue to try and start the ship without Gardain
-Charles believes that by removing the four large stones in the engine room the ship will begin to fly.
-Erevan threatens and stops Charles from removing the stones
-The bugbears hear the commotion and walk into the room
-Erevan and Charles try to convince them to restrain the other because they are trying to help the ship
-The bugbears confused by the argument tie up both Charles and Erevan and toss them in the storage room with Slash
-At this point Gardain wakes up in a jail cell with a sleeping gnome
-Gardain proceeds to scream and whine that he needs his piggy
-A guard appears and tells Gardain to follow him
-Gardain is thrown into a interogation/torture chamber where his piggy is lying on a table
-The guard captain enters the room and begins to ask Gardain about the other members of his party
-Gardain answers in a very stupified way and continually seems to talk to the pig
-The captain gets that Gardain is travelling with a bugbear named Gir, several other bugbears, a guy in a sling, and two people that could be a danger to the city. Also Gardain lets it slip that he has a ship and a drake.
-The Captain then proposes that if Gardain would be willing to go on a small quest almost all indiscretions would be forgiven. Gir and Charles would still be banned from the city.
-After coming to an agreement Gardain leaves with an escort of several guards to return to his ship
-Meanwhile, Yami arrives at the ship and ignoring Charles screams returns to his room and goes to sleep.
-Next Gir and J arrive at the ship. Gir checks in with the bugbears before also going to sleep.
-J checks the engine room and realizes that something is missing and needs to be added before they could take off. At which point he goes to check on the screaming coming from the storage room.
-J discusses the situation with Erevan and Charles and after decides that Erevans storing seems more believable unties Erevan.
-J and Erevan move Charles and tie him to the front of the ship.
-J and Erevan then return to the engine room to try and hotwire the ship.
-Gardain arrives with the party of guards.
-Believing that this could be Gardain, J and Erevan quickly replace the engine room door and travel to the storage room
-Gardain hands the drake over to the guards and then goes and starts the ship
-He flies at a low altitude keeping an eye out for Sin
-Sin spots the rope ladder and jumps getting tangled in the lines and is quickly pulled up by the party.
-The ship begins travelling along the road toward Rankali looking for Wheezer because Gardain knows that Wheezer was heading to Rankali
-Also Charles was released and let back onto the ship
-The bugbears spot a lone traveller on horseback and hover the ship before climbing down to offer trade. At the same time Charles is in conflict with Erevan and J. Causing Charles to leap off of the ship
-Wheezer(the traveller) sees the flying man jump towards him from the unknown creature in the sky and launches a fireball at it
-Charles nearly goes unconcious from the fall and fire
-The bugbears greet Wheezer and attempt to sell him items.
-Wheezer demands to be given the items when he recognizes the voice of one of the party and rejoins the group.
-He adds new information as to the location of where we can end the cold snap of this country
-The ship changes destination and finds old ruins based on Wheezer’s directions after three days.
-The party enters the ruins while the bugbears hunt for food



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