The Sins of the Father

Is that a moon!

• Girr re-assumes leadership of his clan, promising to lead them to great glory.
• Girr awakens the next morning and 1/3 of his tribe has gone missing
• Girr leads the remaining bugbears in a large mob to Tahoe, to help finish constructing the airship he promised them they’d inhabit from now on.
• Finished building airship.
• Took airship for test flight.
• Wheezer traveled to Arpol and from there paid for being smuggled to rankali where he researched for three days how to get to the moon.
• He discovered the where the stones to get to the moon might be.
• Our group is on to discussion for where to travel with airship.
• Please post to facebook page for ideas. A discussion has been posted so that we can decide where to go before Saturday. This will allow Paul to plan some more of the campaign. Just a note the DM will decide tonight where we are going anyone who has not posted to the discussion will not have their opinion heard. So far the only ones were Gir, Gardain, and Sin. As of right now the destination looks to be Raden.
• Also you guys suck for not being here.



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