The Sins of the Father

Exploring the Dragon Tomb

Erevan, Sin, J, Gardain, and Wheezer continue into the ruins.
J hears noises coming from the room down the passage to the right.
Gardain asks for suggestions when reaching a three way fork.
Erevan points out that military tactics continually choose the right hand path in order to make sure they clear every room.
Gardain follows this advice and takes the right passageway to a door.
Gardain opens the door and sees 2 silver scaled lizard like creatures and a blue and silver lizard like creature all of which were searching the room.
Gardain says “Sorry wrong room”, and then shuts the door.
Wheezer runs up and reopens the door.
The dragons tell the party to leave the ruins.
Gardain gives an explanation that we cannot leave until we find the glowing orb. Also the dragons are searching for a map of some kind.
One dragon holds out a perfect sphere rock and gives it to Gardain.
Wheezer lights the rock on fire.
Gardain believes it to be an everlasting stone of fire.
Due to the sudden use of magic the dragons attack.
During the battle Charles shows up and does some needed healing.
After the battle the party discovers two amulets one of physical and the other of mental resolve and a ruby scabbard.
Gardian also takes the scales, teeth, and claws from the dragons.



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