The Sins of the Father

Chaos in he Streets

-Party flies to Ormthon
-Heads to city hall to find Charles’s brother
-Party finds city hall is able to find the shop that Jarod runs along with two other shops owned by people named Jarod
-Wheezer is in Rankali burning different buildings after the owners have refused to comply with his wishes
-Wheezer continued to burn things until beginning to preach to the people about rising up against their opressors.
-Wheezer is now surrounded by the town guards
-Yami is off looking for shops to train his skills and to find fish
-Gir kills a jarod while randomly walking through the town
-Those inside the shop witness the murder of said Jarod and call the town guards
-Yami intrigued by the disturbance follows the town guards by jumping along the rooftops.
-Gir spots Yami and climbs nearby roof to reach Yami
-Gaurds attempt to follow and one shoots Gir with crossbow
-Gir and Yami begins conflict with town guards
-Sin flies into air believing that Jarod is in the sky and spots Gir being shot with crossbow
-Upon hearing this Gardain runs in the direction that Sin pointed to help Gir
-Gardain joins the fight
-Charles Sin and J head off to the pawn shop
-Partner of the pawn shop is slain by Sin in an attempt to gain control of the shop; Party removes witnesses
-Conflict with guards draws more guards; Jyyyyyyym (a bugbear from Gir’s tribe) joins the fight with the town guards
-Jarod is killed
-Party (Sin) Liquidates all items in the shop (Monetary gains TBD)
-J changed into a guard and pretends to investigate the murder of the shop owners in order to make sure the real guards are not called



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