The Sins of the Father

Cavern to Hell Part 2

Sin tried to move the statue in the room with the gargoyles and failed to do so. Gir decides to help and finally moves the statue off of the ladder. Wheezer climbs down first followed by Gardain jumping down the hole. The rest of the party climbed down after. Upon entering the room the party notices engraved lines in the four surrounding walls and the four corners each contain a statue with a goblet. Wheezer moves to a statue cuts himself and pours the blood into the goblet. One of the lines shine with the flow of blood. Next Gardain moves to the door and attempts to open it he is slid back. The Erevan, Sin, and Gir also cut themselves and pour the blood into the remaining gauntlets. The blood pools on the ceiling and finally drops into three apparently hostile creatures. The party fights the creatures until none remain. At the end the party takes a short rest and Charles mops up the blood with his spare cloth armor. The party proceeds through the door and down some stairs. Upon reaching the lower floor Inglop charges the stone door at the end of the hallway completely shattering the stone door. At this point a majority of the party also move inside the room to be confronted by some form of ice humanoid. The party destroys it and finds several valuable items that Erevan picks up. Sin begins searching the room and discovers that the central pillar can be moved. He then finds a blue stone underneath it that he then picks up against Wheezer’s many complaints. As soon as the stone is removed a new stronger door seals the party inside of the room. Also the ice on the floor shifts into creatures. Inglop grabs Gardain and throws him onto the pedastal where he calls out a challenge to the ice creatures who surround and die to Gardain’s hammer. Only to have two new ice creatures replace each of the fallen ice creatures. At this point most of the party attempts to retreat. The only one safely outside of the room is Charles who was not in the room when the stone was picked up. At this point a Wheezer and Erevan work together to open the locked door. Meanwhile Gardain and Sin slaghter a fair number of the ice creatures. The team makes a hasty retreat through the now open door with Sin flying out of danger while pulling Gardain and Gir. During the retreat Wheezer realizes that with the damage from the stone he will die before completing his goals and agrees to store the stone inside of Gardain’s piggy until he needs it. Once all party members have left the room the ice creatures return to the floor. The party leaves the dungeon returning to the airship for an extended rest while the crew of bugbears fly them to Ormithon.



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