The Sins of the Father

Cavern To Hell Part 1

Upon waking in the middle of the hidden room the party begins by healing Charles who laid on the ground in a stable condition during the night. After this the party leaves the room to finish exploring the dungeon. Gardain puts away his hammer and carries the sleeping Charles as they proceed. Wheezer and Erevan arrive at the previous room where the dragons guts lay throughout the room. Wheezer lights these on fire. The party proceeds back along the path they had taken until they see an area they have yet to explore.

At this point Wheezer blasts down the wooden door. Sin proceeds inside and finds a diamond with an estimated value of 5000 gold pieces. He quickly pockets the diamond before the rest of the party sees it. Upon reaching the entrance of the dungeon the party finds themselves staring into a massive blizzard.

Sin then announces that the airship looks to be on its way to pick us up. Gardain begins rummaging through his bag and states that it is not our airship. Upon closer inspection Sin realizes that the flying object to the north is a dragon. At which Gardain says to make a break for the airship. Wheezer complains that we should be burning this inferior creature but Erevan proceeds to follow Gardain towards the airship without listening to the tiny wizard on his shoulder. Sin moves to make a dash to the north hoping to get the dragon to follow him away from the party and then outrun the dragon before circling back to the group. Erevan is the first to arrive on the airship and quickly prepares the ship for battle. Gardain is next tossing Charles into his room and proceeding to start up the airship. The dragon lands at the entrance to the cave ignoring all members of the party and calling into the cave in a language unspoken by the party. Sin begins walking back to the airship. The dragon walks over to Sin and asks if he has been inside of the cave recently. Sin tries to inform the dragon that he did indeed enter the cave but left when he discovered dragons fighting. The dragon proceeds down into the dungeon while Sin returns to the ship.

The party proceeds south west towards the Cavern to Hell that was shown on the map in the previous dungeon. During this three day travel the group feasts on the dragon meat obtained by the bugbears from the slain enemies. Charles is the only party member that refuses to eat the dragon meat. Upon arriving at the cavern to hell the party enters and begins to explore.

They find a door that upon reaching it shines with a purple light and welcomes them to the cavern. Gardain pushes open the door and Erevan proceeds into a room with a multitude of pillars. Gargoyles attack the party darting between the pillars while striking the group with their claws. Eventually the party overcomes the gargoyles and Gardain takes some of the dust left from the gargoyles into his bag.



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